About Alken Photo Studio

At Alken Photo Studio, our professional photographers present an avant-garde approach to photography, especially when photographing weddings.

We are passionate about drawing all of the elements of the day together – from elegance and edginess to fun and quirky moments. We are attracted to colors that pop, delicious lens flares and we have the tendency to add an unexpected twist to some of our photographs.

At events, we prefer to let the day unfold naturally, without getting in the way. Sometimes, you may even forget we are there.

When we are photographing weddings, our purpose is to help you keep track of and remember all of the moments of your day, whether you witnessed them all or not. We enjoy the fact that we can freeze moments in time for you to cherish forever.

We want people to feel comfortable and just be themselves when we are around, and we love unexpected moments – whether it be children running around, or the sunlight hitting at just the right moment, casting a silhouette of a couple outside of their wedding venue.

All of our photographs tell a story when grouped together, and we enjoy the distinctive qualities of photographs that make them unique.

While we mainly photograph weddings, we do not consider ourselves to be only wedding photographers. Instead, we consider ourselves to be fine art photographers who love to shoot weddings. In addition to weddings, we also apply our unique style and quality photography skills to other events and portraits.

From our work, you will see beautiful photography, stunning artwork, incredible albums and intense passion, because at Alken Photo Studio, we believe love is art.

For more information about Alken Photo Studio and the services we offer, call today at 973-696-3100.